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Low Cost Chiropractic

How I Can Provide YOU With Savings!

Many people ask me, “Hey, Dr. Kim.  How come you don’t have a secretary to answer your phone calls and handle your appointments for you?” I tell them, “It would be convenient for me to have a secretary, but I wouldn’t be able to provide the kind of service I provide for as low of […]

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Suffered a Sports Injury?

Suffered a Sports Injury?

Professional sports figures are consistently reaching new heights in their professional careers. With each passing year, new records are shattered and the human body is pushed to its limits. Everyday athletes follow suit by pushing themselves harder, choosing rigorous training patterns, and taking their diets to a new level. Despite the meticulous care and training […]

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Injured in a Car Accident?

Have You Been in a Car Accident?

Being in a car accident is a very difficult situation on a number of levels. Your pain is sometimes secondary to the aftermath of having your car at the mechanic as well as the stress of dealing with your insurance and potentially missing work. While you are in a hurry to get your car fixed […]

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Pain the neck or back

Neck and Back Pain

Pain along the spinal column in your neck or back is usually caused by subluxations, or misalignments of your vertebrae. A  small misalignment can cause pain by causing pressure on nerves. Left untreated, these subluxations can cause muscle  spasms and increasing pain. Chiropractic adjustments properly align your spine so that pressure on joints and nerves […]

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Hand Pain CTS

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This condition is most commonly associated with people who are constantly using a computer or other repetitive motion.  Typing is a motion that, when performed repetitively and with poor posture, can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Symptoms include pain, numbness, weakness, or a burning sensation. The nerves in the fingertips travel through the wrist, up the […]