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Merry Christmas and Happy December!!!! Nice chiro members brought me a nice gift for me. I also give all my chiro members an appreciaton gifts. I will be working until December 22, 2017. My chiro members!!! Please hurry up and get your last chiro adjustment of this year 2017. Thank you all!!!!! ... See MoreSee Less

HAPPY DECEMBER!!! My Christmas tree is up!!!! Come in to get adjusted! I will be here until December 22, 2017. ... See MoreSee Less

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Sandy Song멋지네요. 저희 한인기독합창단(캘리포니아 로스앤젤레스) 정기연주회가 이곳 Pico Blvd 와 Arlington이 만나는곳. 새생명비전교회(이디오피안)에서 12월 20일 (수)저녁에 공연합니다. 크리스마스분위기가 물씬 풍기는 아름다운저녁에 무료로 여러분을 초대합니다.

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Unlimited Chiropractic Los Angeles is feeling blissful.

Thank you all my chiro members to donate me a chiropractor's tip in year 2017. In my office, when your coins touched the ground floor, it is a chiropractor's tip. I collect this tip and donate this to a designated mission organization. This year I will donate to a mission coramdeo international. THANK YOU ALL. HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2017!!!!
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Song-Ah Chai아우 잘생겼네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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Another happy chiro couple, Salina and Dennis!!!! ... See MoreSee Less

Another happy chiro couple, Salina  and Dennis!!!!

Unlimited Chiropractic Los Angeles is at Magnolia Avenue Elementary.

LAUSD Magnolia ave elementary school chiropractic seminar for parents on November 7, 2017!!!
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Unlimited Chiropractic Los Angeles shared 7 Eyewitness News WKBW's Chiropractic Care for Kids.

7 Eyewitness News WKBW
Check this news out. A baby needs chiropractic adjustments and get a lot of benefits!!!!
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Moms and Dads - does your baby have trouble nursing or have colic? A chiropractor may be able to help - and many start seeing babies at weeks old. Tomorrow morning you'll see a baby be adjusted, and hear from two WNY moms who say chiropractic care has been key to their family's health: