How I Can Provide YOU With Savings!

Many people ask me, “Hey, Dr. Kim.  How come you don’t have a secretary to answer your phone calls and handle your appointments for you?”

I tell them, “It would be convenient for me to have a secretary, but I wouldn’t be able to provide the kind of service I provide for as low of a price.  I established Unlimited Chiropractic Los Angeles to give back to my community, and to provide a service that is affordable for everyone.

Because I don’t have a big staff or too many employees, I have a much lower overhead cost, and because I save money on overhead, I am able to pass on those savings to my members and patients.  My motto is to make getting chiropractic adjustments easy, affordable and quick.  My office is now the ideal practice model for chiropractic offices all over the U.S. and the world.  My philosophy is that God takes care of me, and I take care of God’s people.

Remember, you never need an appointment to see me and you can come in any time that you want during my regular office hours. Should you need a special appointment time because of work or school commitments, no problem. New patients are always welcome, AND you can schedule your first appointment online, directly from this website.  To schedule your first appointment click “Contact Us” from the above tabs, and then you’ll see the “I would like an appointment” check box where you can easily schedule visit at your convenience.  I will email you back or call you back to confirm the appointment as soon as possible.

-Woo Kim, DC

#1 Principle Chiropractor of Los Angeles


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